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Songs for GlumPuppet

by Lana Peck

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Dr. Who 04:18
"Dr. Who" music & lyrics by Lana Peck Chorus: He's an alien traveling in space in a blue wooden box with a number you can't trace when he comes passing through let's run away with Dr. Who (chorus 2-first x only) Who is the man, who what's-his-face you think he's the player, the player on first base well, clearly you don't have a clue; you should watch Dr. Who Verses: If your planet's in trouble or whatever be the case the cybermen attack and your timeline is erased he'll know just what to do; I'd go ask Dr. Who He's really not a man; he regenerates he's got two hearts that none can penetrate many have tried to get through; to steal the hearts of Dr. Who Chorus if you meet a creature; his lips are like a squid he holds his brain in his hand; you'd know it if you did you have just met an Ood; I know cause I watch Dr. Who but if you meet a Dalek, run don't hesitate they roll around killing humans yelling "Exterminate!" and they may try to kill you too; just to get to Dr. Who Chorus if you see a statue of an angel, she's not what you think don't turn your back, don't look away; don't you even Blink she wants to suck the life out of you; aren't you glad you watch Dr. Who Did I mentioned Cybermen, they march around in troops they don't really kill you (they just take your brain & nervous system... stick all in a metal suit a nightmarish thing to do; it only happens on Dr. Who Chorus if you're in a 51st century library; don't let your shadows touch when they melt your flesh, you won't like it very much if you happen to have sonic screw(driver); you might be saved by Dr. Who there was this episode it took place in 1941 there was a dead boy stalking around with a gas mask for a face going [spoken] "Are you my mummy? Are you my mummy?" it's creepy and really cool; you should watch Dr. Who Chorus Tom Baker's cool, Davison is neat David Tennant's a pretty boy; Matt Smith is really sweet no matter which one you choose; they're all really Dr. Who "Dr. Who" copyright 2011, Lana Peck Music, ASCAP
Monday Sunday Funday Woke up this morning feeling pretty drained All that weekend sun had gotten to my brain So I called out from work with a slight migraine Added minor stomach discomfort, best not to over-explain Then a thought occurred to me… Now that I have a whole day to myself… I could make a Monday feel like a Sunday I could make a Monday a Sunday a fun day Then a thought occurred to me… Now that I have a whole day to myself… I could be tackling the list, tackling the list, tackling the list I could be writing a new song, getting laundry done, learning Mah-jongg I could be making scrambled eggs, shaving both my legs, knitting spider webs But what about my Monday, my Sunday, my Funday I should be… tackling the list, tackling the list, tackling the list I should pay my credit card, mow the neighbor’s yard, eat a tub of lard I should buy a Chia Pet for men I haven’t met on the internet Hey! What about my gift card, my gift card from Amazon I still got a gift card, a gift card from Amazon I could buy a book about writing a new resume After today, I may be needing one anyway Cause I should be tackling the list, tackling the list, tackling the list I could crumple up the list, crumple up the list, I’m getting really pissed I could crumple up the list, that f*cking Bucket List, I’m slitting both my wrists And after getting nothing done, not having one bit of …Fun I can’t believe it’s already 4 o’clock And I made a Monday feel like…a Monday And I guess I’m gonna need a day off! copyright 2010, Lana Peck Music (ASCAP)
I wish Love had a cushion beneath it So when you fell in and got out again it wouldn’t leave a bruise Instead I’ll wear extra padding and a parachute making my preparations en route expecting nausea and heart palpitations I’d pack ginger and a bag of fruit I wish Love had a cushion beneath it So when you fell in and got out again it wouldn’t leave a bruise oo oo ooo copyright 2012 Lana Peck Music, ASCAP
Well, some might call her a thing of dread but don't you believe it there's not a vicious hair on her head They'll write a new chapter for the book of the dead I found the sweetest severed head Seven pounds never makes a sound just kinda gurgles a bit when I toss her around until her headless half is found we smile we laugh and joke about how she might look on the neck of a giraffe or atop of a bamboo staff yeah, she's that kooky she's a sweet severed head yeah, she's the sweetest severed head "Sweet Severed Head" by Lana Peck (copyright 2013; LanaPeckMusic, ASCAP)
Cupcake for My Birthday I bought a cupcake for my birthday vanilla frosting; they’re out of chocolate I found a candle; half a candle the wick is burnt; hope I can get it lit I found it way in the back of the junk drawer must’ve saved it from a time before a time before when I had friends seems no one has remembered it’s that time of year and my birthday’s lost in December between the holiday cheer Oh, sad ol’ me oh, sad ol’ me and I’m still getting older oh, sad ol’ me copyright 2011, Lana Peck Music, ASCAP


Lana's songs written specifically for her videos on GlumPuppet.com
NOT a children's album (PG-13)


released April 23, 2014

Photo by Sammie Ann Fontaine


all rights reserved



Lana Peck Connecticut

“Hauntingly beautiful to deliciously wicked & comic*” describe the music of Lana Peck, think a cross between Christine Lavin and Kate Bush. Her songs vary from pop or jazz ballads to “geek songs” (think Timelord or Wizard Rock).

She is co-creator of GlumPuppet.com. For more about Lana, go to LanaPeckMusic.com.
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